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I am joining Petroware AS
Oct 1, 2017
2 minutes read

… as of October 1st. And I am super exited about this opportunity! It is a six months commitment with the possibility of a permanent position if future prospects is opening up. But for now; head first into software engineering and software development!

Petroware AS - www.petroware.no is a software company based in Stavanger, Norway - residing at iPark on Ullandhaug. The company is a subsidiary of Logtek AS which is a data-management and petrophysical consulting company in the same domain.

Petroware AS is a software company within the data management, data analytics, petrophysics, geology and reservoir engineering domains. Petroware creates highly advanced software components and end-user products that acts as a research platform within software architecture and scalability, system design, parallelism and multi-threading, user experience (UX) and usability analysis as well as development methodologies and techniques.

The plan ahead is to manage the transition of a 500K++ code-base into a Git-Jira-TeamCity workflow. Adding unit-tests along the way. And getting to know and understand the inner core of the architecture.

The extent of the codebase is massive, however the layout and consistency of the architecture is first class and streamlined. When the architecture is predicable due to layout and consistency, it superseed the massiveness in this case. Petroware’s webpage holds a good introduction to the flagship products and a number of libraries also served as software products.

The codebase is managed and built with a workflow based on a simple GNU Make script. Simple as in elegant, powerful and rock-solid. However, as I am bent & broken by automated IDE’s since almost twenty years, it seems a little overwhelming and daunting initially. And fascinating at the same time. Still, there are available ready-to-compile, build and run Netbeans projects.

Keywords related to the core of our software components are file and data-management for LIS, LAS, DLIS, WISML files. And others, of less frequent use. LogStudio and the JWitsml component holds a complete implementation of WITSML 1.x and 2.0 with both SOAP and ETP. This is exiting to work with; I have a history of working with WITSML since 2002 and the initial specification of the standard through 2008 in National Oilwell Varco, as teamlead for the Falcon WITSML project.

I am nothing but grateful and humble to get this oportunity. Being able to dig deep into Java-space with a great mentor and coach is very exiting. It’s a sweet-spot for the career path I have set out for myself. So for now,.. Linux, Vim, GNU Make, JUnit, Git, Jira and TeamCity.

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