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I am joining KADME AS
May 2, 2018
One minute read

I have a new job as of May 1st 2018 and the position is Senior Software Developer.

KADME AS - Knowledge and Management Expertise - www.kadme.com is a software company based in Stavanger, Norway - residing at iPark on Ullandhaug. The company is in Oil & Gas, geo/petrophysics and GIS domain.

KADME provides a powerful, web-based solution that enables companies to bring their data into focus. By enhancing business critical processes such as exploration, production and asset-management decisions it creates a secure and effective corporate knowledge resource which is key to a company’s future success.

I will join a team 5 software developers, within a company with 18(?) employees at site, and affiliated offices in North America, Russia and Asia.

My main focus will be in java, with emphasis on Spring, ElasticSearch and various GIS components in javascript. We have applications running of a wast array of REST services on traditional GWT as well as pure javascript/JQuery. We work with massive data-volumes in a high-performance regime where core focus is fast and nuanced search and availability of ubstructured data in an enterprise setting. Our roadmap has interessting artifacts posted on it… Massive learning ahead!

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