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International Programmer's Day!
Sep 13, 2017
2 minutes read

A day worthy of celebration!

Inject your favourite means of a quiet day of office-celebration:

'Favourite non-work
    activity  : %{activity},
    enjoying  : %{beverage}
    while     : %{attitude}'
% {
    :activity => 'backgammon',
    :beverage => 'java',
    :attitude => 'feet-on-table'

September 13 is the 256th Day of the Year (non-leap years). The date for this epic celebration is obvious for those it concerns. The history and origin of this important day of the year seems obfuscated, cluttered and forgotten; no matter what the importance remain the same.

However, according to Wikipedia the Programmer Day is somewhat recognized around the world: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, India, Belgium, Australia, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the United States and Russia.

The story according to Wikipedia:

This particular day was proposed by Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov (aka htonus), employees of Parallel Technologies (a software company). As early as 2002, they tried to gather signatures for a petition to the government of Russia to recognize the day as the official Day of the Programmer. On July 24, 2009, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media (Russia) issued a draft of an executive order on a new professional holiday, Day of the Programmer. On September 11, 2009, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree._

Firefigthers rescue kittens from trees, doctors save lifes, programmers keep the world alive.

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