Henning Jansen

software developer | engineer

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I am software developer/engineer - living and working in Stavanger, Norway. My career in this profession started in 1996, and for the most parts I have worked within the Oil & Gas domain, related to Drilling Control & Visualization, Drilling Data management, Seismics, Geodetics, Geophysics and Petrophysics science.

My main focus is within Java space - so far mostly backend and API related, with a side of Python. To some extent I consider myself a more or less dedicated Java developer, and my plan is to continue that path. I am in the process of adding JavaScript with JQuery and related tools to that list. I tinker with WEKA data-analysis and machine learning framework, and to some extend Spark.

Recently I have moved into Apache Lucene and Elasticsearh with my new job with KADME AS. And we use Spring framework extensively, so I have been fortunate to get a head-first into Spring and Spring Boot space.

I prefer Linux for programming/work, using Vim, NetBeans and Eclipse and most recently IntelliJ IDEA. For my personal computers I use Apple OSX, where Spotify and Adobe Photoshop + Ligthroom makes me happy. Windows NT 4 used to make me happy many years ago. So did OS/2, but they’re both gone now. I have managed to completely untangle myself from Microsoft since many, many years now. But the there is the new job…


Currently I am working as a Software Engineer with KADME AS in Stavanger, Norway. Please visit my cirriculum page for more info.


Born in Stavanger in 1971, and Stavanger was for most parts my home untill 1989. Since then I have been living in Sweden and Texas/US in addition to Norway. Nowdays I live a quiet life in Stavanger with my dachshound baby-girl ‘Kaffi’ and my two adult sons close by. I have a simple every-day-life blog Life according to Henning where I occasinally share some pictures and random notes.


You might have stumbled across my site while looking for my alter ego as a photographer. Please visit www.henning-jansen.com and continue your journey into my imaginary world.

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